Simmons has penned new Kiss track

Kiss bassist Gene Simmons says the group will record a follow-up to 2012’s Monster – and reveals he’s already penned one track called Your Wish Is My Command.

Bandmate Paul Stanley recently told Classic Rock the band were so busy these days that he didn’t feel it was necessary to make another record – with the caveat that the situation could change at any time – while guitarist Tommy Thayer is hopeful that a return to the studio is on the cards.

Simmons quickly responded to Stanley’s comments by declaring the group would record album No. 21 in 2016, and he now confirms that he is actively writing songs for inclusion in the future project.

He tells The Press Enterprise: “Paul may think there’s not going to be another record; I suspect there will be. We never force the issue. There is no one to answer to except our own gut.

“I recently wrote a song called Your Wish Is My Command and it feels like Kiss. It came out pretty easy. When there’s enough material, we’ll look at each other and say ‘you wanna?’”

Kiss recently released a new song, Don’t Touch My Ascot, as part of the soundtrack to Scooby Doo & Kiss: Rock And Roll Mystery, a new animated film with the band members appearing as themselves.

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