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Sel Balamir releases new solo album

Sel Balamir June 2021 portrait against a sky
(Image credit: Sel Balamir)

Amplifier frontman Sel Balamir has announced the release of his second solo album, ( )rphans, which is available from today from his bandcamp page.

( )rphans follows hot on the heels of his debut solo album Swell, which he only released last September.

"So - let's kick off 2022 with my second album following on from Swell last year," says Balamir. "( )rphans, as the name suggests, are songs that I wrote over the past year that didn't really fit on Swell but didn't really fit on an Amplifier album either.
So I guess it's kind of like a rarities record.

"In celebration of the greatest Australian legend ever, apart from Dame Edna and Ozzy Man, we kick off with an unlikely rendition of me taking guitar liberties with the theme from Crocodile Dundee. Enjoy."

You can see the artwork and tracklisitng for the new album below.

Get ( )rphans.

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Sel Balamir

(Image credit: Rockosmos)

Sel Balamir: ( )rphans
1. Theme (from Crocodile Dundee)
2. Astral Womb
3. Pink Bows
4. Mannequin
5. Don't Wear The Crown
6. Orphans

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