Watch Eddie Vedder kick Pearl Jam fan out of show

Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder stopped the band midway through a song to have a fan thrown out of their Chicago concert this week.

A video clip of the incident has emerged, showing Vedder pausing the concert during a performance of Lukin, and remonstrating with a member of the audience. Watch it below.

He tells the band to “stop, stop, stop” then shouts: “Hey, hey mister! Get your finger out of that woman’s face.” He adds: “All the fingers are pointing at you. Come on, clear out, mister.”

Once the unidentified person has begun to leave, Vedder waves towards him, then turns his attention to the woman, saying: “Ma’am, you’re okay? Yeah? You’re good? Alright.” Then the show continues as planned.

Pearl Jam cancelled a performance in North Carolina earlier this year as a protest against the state’s “bathroom bill” which orders people to use public conveniences according to the gender of their birth, rather than their current identity.

The band apologised to disappointed fans, but said they were moved to act in response to the “despicable piece of legislation.”

Vedder plays solo shows in the coming weeks, at California’s Dana Point on August 27 and New York’s Central Park on September 24. It’s not known whether he’ll take part in Temple Of The Dog’s first-ever tour in November.

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