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Rival Sons reveal Hollow Bones artwork

Rival Sons have revealed the cover art for their upcoming album Hollow Bones.

The follow-up to Great Western Valkyrie will be released in May, with guitarist Scott Holiday saying earlier this week that they wanted to challenge themselves on their fifth album.

The band recruited artist Martin Wittfooth for the new release and Holiday says the cover design titled Rainsong fits perfectly with the feel of the album.

He continues: “I discovered Martin about halfway through making Hollow Bones and I was immediately drawn into his work. I loved his imagery with animals and felt it was calm and unnerving all at the same time. I also loved the touch of whimsy and beautiful psychedelic overtones he used.

“First time I saw his work I immediately felt it was right for this album. I won’t try to overly interpret the album cover or explain in detail why I believe it works perfectly with the album – but I can safely say I think this just might be my favourite cover of ours yet.”

The blues-rock outfit continue to support Black Sabbath on their final world tour. They’ll release further album details in due course.

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