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Rap meets metal in new range of crossover patches

A picture of the Mos Def/Megadeth patch
The Mos Def\/Megadeth logo

A range of patches featuring hip hop and R&B acts’ logos in the style of metal bands has been released.

The patches are available at Bigcartel and include rapper Mos Def stylised in the Megadeth font, Easy E in the Sunn O))) font, Aaliyah in the Anthrax logo and Biggie Smalls styled like the Black Flag logo.

Other options include Black Street in the style of the Black Sabbath logo and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony in the style of Behemoth. An Aaliyah/Anthrax pin is also available.

A gallery of the badges can be viewed below.

The range comes as popular culture turns its eye towards the world of rock and metal, most notably when Beyonce recently released a pin badge reading ‘Slayonce’ and styled in the Slayer font.

Another recent example involved a TopShop leather jacket which featured the Against Me! logo and was removed from sale after singer Laura Jane Grace got in touch with the retail giant.

And earlier this year, a t-shirt featuring pop star Justin Bieber and ‘God Of Fuck’ Marilyn Manson went on sale for $195 via Barneys New York.

And the same store offered a Black Flag t-shirt for sale at $265 and a Joy Division top at $225.

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Black Street/Black Sabbath patch

Image 2 of 15

MF Doom/Doom patch

Image 3 of 15

GZA/GBH patch

Image 4 of 15

Aaliyah/Anthrax patch

Image 5 of 15

Bone Thugs/Behemoth patch

Image 6 of 15

Clipse/Cramps patch

Image 7 of 15

Aaliyah/Anthrax pin

Image 8 of 15

Easy E/Sunn O))) patch

Image 9 of 15

Jodeci/Lapida patch

Image 10 of 15

Ashanti/Annihilator patch

Image 11 of 15

Gucci Mane/Gamma Ray patch

Image 12 of 15

Biggie Smalls/Black Flag patch

Image 13 of 15

Krs-One/Kreator patch

Image 14 of 15

Salt N Pepa/Subhumans patch

Image 15 of 15

Mos Def/Megadeth patch

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