Rammstein pull out rarities in first show of 2023

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Nobody does live spectacle like Rammstein. Germany's premiere metal export might have become known for having more pyro than a blaze in a fireworks factory and explosions so loud they can be heard 11 miles away, but that doesn't mean you can ever predict what form their latest show will take. 

So we won't pretend to not be excited at the prospect of the band breaking out rarities for their first show of 2023, including one song they've never played. On Saturday May 20 2023, Rammstein kicked off their 2023 tour plans with a 'dress rehearsal' show for fan club members at Vingis Park in Lithuania. 

Opening with Liebe ist für alle da opening track Rammlied - played for the first time since 2011 - as a glowing-faced and mohawked Till Lindemann was lowered on a huge elevator like an industrial metal jack-o'-lantern, the show was packed with hits and rarities alike, alongside the usual levels of pyro and insanity we've come to adore from the German metal masters. 

The band are hardly going to drop the likes of Du Hast or Links 2 3 4 from their sets, but Bestrafe Mich also made its first appearance in the band's setlists since 2001, while Zeit's propulsive industrial metal banger Giftig was played live for the first time ever. 

With tour dates announced to take them around Europe until October - and a newly announced Lindemann solo tour for the end of the year - it looks like the Rammstein lads will be busy for much of 2023, offering plenty more opportunities for the band to drop plenty of rarities and hits alike, with the band returning to Vingis Park tonight  (May 22) for the 'official' start of their 2023 tour. 

Watch Rammstein debut Giftig below. 

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Rammstein setlist - Vingio Parkas, Lithuania May 20 2023

  • Rammlied
  • Links 2 3 4
  • Bestrafe Mich
  • Giftig
  • Sehnsucht
  • Mein Herz Brennt
  • Puppe
  • Zeit
  • Deutschland
  • Radio
  • Mein Teil
  • Du Hast
  • Sonne
  • Ohne Dich
  • Engel
  • Ausländer
  • Du riechst so gut
  • Pussy
  • Rammstein
  • Ich Will
  • Adieu
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