Raised Fist return From The North


Swedish hardcore punks Raised Fist have revealed details of their first new album in five years.

They’ll release From The North on January 19 next year via Epitaph Records and have made the album’s opening track Flow available to stream now.

Frontman Alexander ‘Alle’ Hagman says: “This time, everything has connected, like pieces in a perfect puzzle. You know when you have a classic album recorded.

“When you do something with your heart, and the timing is right, there is magic. That is what happened with From The North.

From The North is where we are from, and we do shit differently up here! We do it hard, whether it’s on stage or in the studio.”

Their last album was 2009’s Veil Of Ignorance.

From The North tracklist

  1. Flow 2. Chaos 3. Man & Earth 4. In Circles 5. We Will Live Forever 6. Sanctions 7. Ready To Defy 8. Depression 9. Gates 10. Until The End 11. Unsinkable