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Raging Speedhorn guest on tonight's Metal Hammer Radio Show

In a world where bands are reuniting all over the shop, sometimes it's hard to get excited about all of them. But one band we're psyched to hear are back are the grindcore heroes Raging Speedhorn.

After going on hiatus in 2008, the persistently angry Raging Speedhorn are coming back this summer to perform at Sonisphere, and we caught up with drummer Gordon Morrison to find out what’s been going on in Camp Speedhorn for the past six years.

If you don’t know these guys, do yourself a favour and listen to the We Will Be Dead Tomorrow album.

We’ll also be playing tracks from the sensational debut from Senser, as well as kick-ass tunes from Bigelf, Arch Enemy, Killing Joke, Behemoth, Rose Tattoo, Bury Tomorrow, Down and Turbowolf.

And for tonight’s talking point, we’re chatting snails. We recently heard that to ensure the pesky lettuce munchers don’t destroy your garden is to place them at least 20 metres away when you find one. Naturally, this got us thinking… what’s the most lost you’ve ever been?

We popped into Ikea over the weekend to pick up some new shelves and we still haven’t found our way out. This post is coming live to you from the Bedroom Storage area – send help. And meatballs.

Tune in to Team Rock Radio online or on DAB tonight at 9pm.