Bury Tomorrow out to 'educate' with Runes


Bury Tomorrow say their upcoming third album will be an education for younger fans.

The band release Runes on Monday, May 26 and singer Dani Winter-Bates says its proud metalcore sound will open up new possibilities for their followers.

Winter-Bates tells Kerrang: “With this record we decided to try and up our game as much as we can. This time, musically, a lot went into it. We tried to push ourselves more on the metal front. We wanted to be a metalcore band since we first started and I think this record has really come out as the old school style of metalcore.

“What we’re trying to do, maybe for the kids that we realise didn’t listen to the bands that we listened to when we were younger, is maybe educate them on the style of music that we were into, but push it into the present. Give it the production elements that they expect from a record.”

Guitarist and singer Jason Cameron says the addition of guitarist Kristan Dawson has helped Bury Tomorrow tap into a new sound.

In a second video interview, Cameron says: “He’s been amazing. As soon as I started writing with him months and months ago, it’s been really easy. He’s brought a new dynamic to our sound, he’s brought a part of our sound that we hadn’t really found before. It’s been really good to explore that and make an album around that – one that we’re all really pleased with.”

Watch the full interview with Jason Cameron below

Watch the full interview with Dani Winter-Bates below