Thom Yorke's 18-day soundtrack


Radiohead mainman Thom Yorke has composed a soundtrack that runs for 18 days – without repeating.

He’s written Subterranea for artist Stanley Donwood to accompany his exhibition titled The Panic Office which runs until June 6 in Sydney, Australia.

The pair have been friends since their university days, and Donwood has designed all Radiohead’s album covers and posters since their full-length debut The Bends in 1994.

Radio station Triple J describe the music as “an eerie mix of ambient textures, experimental sounds, and field recordings,” adding: “Subterranea is closest in tone and style to the more ambient moments of Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes or the music for Radiohead’s Polyfauna app than anything else in the band’s catalogue.”

But the 432-hour piece won’t be released to the public following the exhibition’s run.

Radiohead are currently working on their ninth album. In March it was announced that Radiohead’s classic album OK Computer was to be added to the US Library Of Congress collection because of its cultural importance.