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QOTSA, Kyuss featured in Lo Sound Desert documentary

Josh Homme
Josh Homme (Image credit: Getty)

Members of Queens Of The Stone Age, Kyuss, Fu Manchu and more will feature in a music documentary named Lo Sound Desert.

Narrated by QOTSA frontman and Eagles Of Death Metal drummer Josh Homme, the film is based on the birth of the Californian Desert music scene in the early 80s. The promoters behind London’s Desertfest will also premiere the documentary at its Black Heart venue on the day of its release on July 1 – followed by live bands and a DJ set.

Lo Sound Desert is described as: “From endless jams in unconditioned rehearsal garages, to wasteland venues to smoked-up European backstage rooms. Desert rock, a specific vibe of pure analog rock music, was fostered by the beauty of a surrounding that naturally provides a lot of space.

“Until nowadays it continued its slow-moving underground spread and became international treasure. In a way desert rock never reached extreme popularity like simultaneously grown, commercially-hyped grunge rock in the early 90s. But it still seems to be around and inspires new generations of rock bands to carry on.”

A trailer for the film can be viewed below.

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