Pvris to record in 'haunted' church


Pvris say they plan to record their next album in a “haunted” New York church in the autumn.

The pop-rock outfit also say they’ll get inspiration for their new material while on an upcoming tour in the UK.

They tell Mike Herrera: “We’re going into the studio this fall and doing some writing trips over the summer. We’re gonna go to New Orleans for a week, we’re gonna go to the UK for a week and get some old history vibes going on.

“It’s confirmed that we’re gonna be recording up in upstate New York in an old church that has been renovated into a studio. Apparently it’s haunted, and apparently the house that we’re staying at is haunted too. The whole area is all late-1800s originated.”

Pvris recently hinted that the follow-up to 2014’s White Noise will have a “dark” feel.

Frontwoman Lynn Gunn also says that the band are “intrigued” by death, and have gone on ghost tours in their spare time while on tour.

She adds: “When we were in Vienna there were catacombs under the big cathedral. There are entire pits and rooms full of skeletons, which is pretty crazy.

“We also played Thompson House, Kentucky, which looks like a big old haunted mansion. A woman gave us a tour of the place.

“The old courtroom is where the stage and venue is, and they would hang people in the parking lot and the courtyard. Some kid that lived there shot his family on one of the middle floor and a woman hanged herself on the top floor.”

The band are currently touring in North America.

Pvris 2016 remaining tour dates

Jun 06: Montreal Corona Theater, QC
Jun 08: New York Webster Hall, NY
Jun 09: Boston Royale, MA
Jun 10: Boston Royale, MA
Jun 12: Portland Old Port Festival, ME
Jun 17: Camden Radio 104.5 Birthday Bash, NJ
Jun 18: Dover Firefly Festival, DE
Jun 25: Richmond The National, VA
Jun 26: Columbia DC 101 Kerfuffle, MD
Jul 23: Buffalo Alternative Buffalo’s Kerfuffle, NY
Jul 29: Chicago Lollapalooza Festival, IL
Jul 31: Oklahoma City Edgefest, OK
Aug 20: Tokyo Summer Sonic, Japan
Aug 21: Osaka Summer Sonic, Japan

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