Nikki Sixx: Concentrate on Motley Crue passion, not drama

Nikki Sixx
(Image: © Getty)

Nikki Sixx wants people to concentrate on Motley Crue’s passion rather than the drama surrounding their split at the end of last year.

He’s spoken out after drummer Tommy Lee said he didn’t speak to his bandmates after leaving the stage on December 31 in Los Angeles, following their farewell performance.

Lee’s words were supported by quotes in The End, the movie of the concert, when Sixx described his ex-colleagues as “not enemies but not friends.”

Sixx says: “Motley Crue has always been about passion. We did things our way and ended it honestly, our way.

“The press has seen a screener of The End and is only using the parts that push drama for them, and aren’t concerned with the millions of fans and the beauty of our last show together.”

He adds that the movie is a “combination of everybody’s hard work” but that “the most important aspect is the fans” and continues: “There is a whole story here to be told through music and lyrics.”

The End will be screened in selected cinemas on June 14, with a DVD release expected later. Work on the movie version of Motley Crue’s The Dirt book continues.

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