Previously unreleased Dieter Moebius album out in October

Dieter Moebius
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Dieter Moebius, the man who founded pioneering krautrock band Cluster with Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Harmonia with Michael Rother of Neu!, is to have a posthumous album, Aspirin, released through Curious Music on October 6.

Aspirin contains recordings Moebius, who died from cancer in 2015, made around 2005, after he'd recorded the Nurton album, at his studios in Berlin and Mallorca. Moebius friend and friend and fellow composer Tim Story takes up the tale.

"In early December of 2005, Dieter Moebius came to the US to perform with Guru Guru drummer Mani Neumeier at the Detroit Institute of Arts. Moebi stayed on a few extra days to visit my family and me in Ohio – days which flew by as usual in a flurry of visits from friends, laughter, food, and drink. On the last night, it was down to just Moebi and I and a little Scotch at the kitchen table, when Moebi pulled out his minidisc player with some new tracks he’d been working on. I loved them and asked if I could copy them to my hard drive. Moebi graciously agreed, though he wasn’t at all sure what, if anything, he would do with them.”

 "Moebi had just finished recording his album Nurton (2006) earlier in 2005, and like that album, these new tracks would have been recorded in his home studios in Berlin and Mallorca. It's possible some of these could have been out-takes from ‘Nurton’ but most I believe were recorded after that project – whatever the timeline, and for whatever reason, Moebi ultimately decided to shelve these pieces to work on what would be his next solo album Kram (2009)."

"Though I never got another chance to talk to Moebi about this music, I think he would be pleased to have this little forgotten chapter from a happy, fruitful time in his life and available at last."

The new album features artwork crated by Devo frontman Mark Mothersbaugh which you can view below, along with the tracklisiting.


Dieter Moebius

(Image credit: Curious Music)

Dieter Moebius: Aspirin
1. Aspirin
2. C9H8O4
3. Synthetic
4. Spiraea
5. Providence
6. Muffler C’

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