Michaels warns fans of fraud


Bret Michaels has warned fans to be aware of a Facebook user who’s trying to scam them by pretending to be the Poison singer.

The unidentified criminal has created fake social media pages then used fans’ contact details to ask them to help with a cash transfer.

It’s a variation of the classic phishing scam that works by persuading people to supply their bank details, which are then used fraudulently.

Michaels’ staff say in a statement: “Someone saying they are Bret, and that they need help transferring a large sum of money. They ask that you do not share the phone number they give you, bring it to management’s attention or tell anyone about their texts, as they need the information to be confidential.

“We implore you to please be vigilant and not fall for these peoples lies. Please do not give out your address, phone numbers or any banking information to these individuals. If they message you through Facebook, please report the page.”

Fans are asked to look out for “Pages that have Bret’s name spelled wrong by one letter; pages that include poor grammar and numerous misspellings; texts or messages that include poor grammar, bible verses and various demands.”

Poison are discussing 2015 touring and recording plans, while drummer Rikki Rockett recently played down claims that a feud had broken out with Michaels.