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Phil Anselmo gives update on upcoming projects

Phil Anselmo
Phil Anselmo

Phil Anselmo has checked in to update fans on a batch of new material he’s working on.

He reported back in February that he was sitting on five finished albums and said he might even give them away for free just to get the music into people’s hands.

Now he’s given more information as to what he’s currently working on – including a new Scour EP

He tells Ghost Cult Magazine: “I’m sitting on top of so much music right now – on many records of many different styles. And Scour is great that it’s happening actually as now with the new EP, we can actually do this thing called a full set.

“I’ve got brand new Philip H Anselmo & The Illegals coming out and it is way different than the first. I’ve got this other project – but I don’t want to name it yet. It’s kind of clandestine, but it’s an expression.

“And then I’m sitting on the new Scour and I’m sitting on another project that is absolutely extreme, but in way, way different direction.”

Anselmo states that he’s had a lot of the music written for a long time and adds: “Finally over the last year and a half, we just sat down, got the right players and everybody contributed. Next thing you know it was a two-week long jam session and I think we came out of it with three albums.”

Last month, Anselmo and Bill Moseley released a puppet video for their track Dirty Eye which features on their Songs Of Darkness and Despair EP which came out in January.

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