Pete Gee shares video trailer for new solo album Pilgrim

Pete Gee
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Pendragon bass player Pete Gee has announced that he will release his new solo album, Pilgrim, through White Knight Records on February 5. You can watch a video trailer for the new record below.

The 20-track Pilgrim is a conceptual work based on the legendary book The Pilgrim's Progress, written by John Bunyan in 1678.

"This was one of the books that most influenced my father in his ministry as a vicar in the Church of England," Gee explains. "After my father died, we installed a stained-glass window in his memory of the scene from Bunyan’s book where Pilgrim brings his burden to the cross’.

"So, this album was very much for me a personal journey and mission which I needed to complete. Although it was first published in 1678, the book is still the story of every human being on our planet today. We are all travellers who are just passing though this world, and we are all on a spiritual journey throughout this lifetime. The album documents the Pilgrim’s journey and the ups and downs of his life as he seeks to follow God. This story also reminds us of the ongoing struggle between good and evil that we continue to see being played out in the world today."

The new album features guest appearances from regular collaborator Steve Christey (Jadis) on drums, Steve Thorne,  Jimmy Flanders, Becky Brannigan and Hayley Oliver.

You can view the new album artwork below.

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Pete Gee

(Image credit: White Knight Records)

Pete Gee: Pilgrim
1. Pilgrim’s Burden
2. The City Of Destruction
3. Slough Of Despond
4. The Wicket Gate
5. The Interpreter’s House
6. Pilgrim Lays Down His Burden At The Cross
7. False Believers
8. A Restful Arbour
9. The House Beautiful
10. The Destroyer
11. Valley Of The Shadow Of Death
12. Faithful
13. Vanity Fair
14. The Plain Of Ease
15. Doubting Castle
16. The Delectable Mountains
17. Low Country Of Pride
18. Enchanted Ground
19. The River Of Death
20. The Celestial City

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