Pentangle founder John Renbourn dead at 70


Pentangle founder John Renbourn has died at the age of 70.

His body was found this morning (Thursday) at home in Hawick, Scotland, after he missed a concert in Glasgow last night. It’s suspected he suffered a heart attack.

Renbourn began his career as a solo artist before starting work with Bert Jansch in 1963. They put Pentangle together four years later along with Jacqui McShee, Danny Thompson and Terry Cox.

He returned to solo work then moved into classical music composition in the 1980s.

His manager, Dave Smith, said: “John was larger than life – game for anything. He was just finishing off a tour with Wizz Jones and looking forward to the next. He was always running weekend workshops all over Europe.

“He had an international fanbase because of his influential playing style. He was working right up to the end, and loved what he was doing.”

Renbourn’s last release was 2011 album Palermo Snow.