Pendragon announce acoustic vinyl version of Love Over Fear

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Pendragon have announced the release of a new vinyl release of an acoustic version of 2020's Love Over Fear. The release expands on the acoustic disc that featured with the original three-disc book version of the album, and it comes housed in a gatefold sleeve printed with mauve-tinted Love Over Fear artwork from local Cornwall artist Liz Saddington, which you can view below..

At the same time the band's Nick Barrett has been talking about forthcoming vinyl releases from the band, including a forthcoming mini album, as well as the increased costs of vinyl production.

"I’ve just taken my time over the mini album, some guitar work just didn’t sound right so it took weeks to find the right approach, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed<' he says.

"A lot of people have been asking for stuff on vinyl, and we’ve got some more coming soon and a few other releases are on the cards. Some of you will know that The Rest Of Pendragon has been out of stock now for about ten years. Well, we’ve just given it a right proper face lift, we drafted in Simon William to get some brand new artwork for the cover and have remastered it for some decent sound levels. I must say I have thoroughly enjoyed working on this, hearing tracks like Third World In The UK and Bird Of Paradise, I forgot how good those songs were – if you’ll forgive me for blowing my own trumpet.

"The new version is called Fallen Dreams And Angels And All The Loose Ends, we will have CD copies and t-shirts with the artwork in a few weeks. We are also planning a vinyl version which will be out in er... 6 months time!

"If any of you are in the business you’ll know that vinyl costs have gone up 50% in the past two years and there’s a lead time of 6-7 months for manufacture, which is seriously eye watering. We’ve absorbed a fair bit of that price hike but still had to put the new Love Over Fear up by £2. All the recording and artwork costs were paid for in 2020, so £2 is pretty reasonable."

Pre-order Love Over Fear Acoustic.


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