Paul Stanley hints at new Kiss album

Paul Stanley
Paul Stanley (Image credit: Getty)

Paul Stanley thinks Kiss should make another album – even though he admits fans are “not interested” in new material.

The frontman says the follow-up to 2012’s Monster would only be worth making if the band felt a creative desire to do so – as fans simply tolerate new material from classic rock bands rather than anticipate it.

Stanley tells Miles Schuman: “It’s only worth doing it if, artistically, you want to do it. Every time we finish an album, I kind of go, ‘Well, that’s it.’

“When we did Sonic Boom, it was because the band was so good that I just thought to not capture the band and do new material would be a shame. But once we did Sonic Boom, I said, ‘Well, we’ve made the point.’

“Then, a few years later, it was, like, ‘Wow, why don’t we dig deeper and get a little closer to the roots and the people that we loved and kind of do something else,’ so we did that, and then I said, ‘We’re done.’

“Lately I’ve been thinking, yeah, we should do another. But there’s no secret that when anybody who’s considered classic or of our generation does a new album, most people are not interested in hearing that stuff – they tolerate it at best.”

Stanley continues: “If you turn the sound off and you put on a live Rolling Stones concert or a live Paul McCartney concert, I’ll tell you every time they’re playing a new song, because the audience sits down. You tolerate the new song, because you wanna hear Brown Sugar. You tolerate the new song, because you wanna hear She Loves You, Strawberry Fields, whatever it is.

“So I’m aware that doing an album is more for my own satisfaction than anybody else’s. That being said, if I don’t feel the need to do it, then there’s no need to do it.”

Kiss recently released their own encyclopaedia.

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