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Ozzy's Hell Gate revealed

Ozzy Osbourne’s Hell Gate project is a month-long residency in Las Vegas themed on Halloween, wife Sharon has revealed.

The Black Sabbath frontman teased the concept in September, launching a Facebook page that led to speculation it would be linked with Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights.

Now Sharon reports on her US TV show The Talk: “It was meant to start last year but we couldn’t get it together in time. Ozzy’s going to be in Vegas for the whole month.

“What it is is a Halloween experience. It’s a very state-of-the-art, interactive show that Ozzy will put on, with everything that goes with Halloween.”

The vocalist last year launched compilation album Memoirs Of A Madman, with the intention of making sure fans didn’t forget he still had a solo career – even though Sabbath have committed to making a final album before splitting.

In November Ozzy said he hoped original drummer Bill Ward could return for their final bow, but added: “I don’t deal with the business side. That’s my wife’s job.”