Outrun The Sunlight stream new single Ambivalence 2.0

Outrun The Sunlight
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Chicago instrumental proggers Outrun The Sunlight have returned to action with a stream for their brand new single Ambivalence 2.0, which you can listen to below.

It's taken from the band's upcoming album The Return Of Interia 2.0, which the band will release independently on February 17. The new album sees the band returning to their 2011 debut Return Of Inertia, written when founding guitarists Austin Peters and Cody McCarty were just19 and 20.

"I was simultaneously learning how to record and mix myself as I made these songs," says Peters. "I had a cheap audio interface that a friend let me borrow, a POD X3, GarageBand, and an overflow of inspiration from the music I was listening to at the time. That summer, I travelled from Chicago to Michigan where Cody lived to finish writing together.

"The album was badly recorded, poorly mixed, and yet none of that seemed to matter. The songs continued to be played, requested, and became the backbone for the start of this band and a huge jumping-off point that motivated me to make more music."

Having endured the departure of drummer Pedro Villegas (since replaced by Luke Angle) and finding themselves in the middle of lockdown, and with a new album delayed, Peters found himself re-recording the guitars on Return of Inertia, initially for fun.

"It just became obvious," Peters adds, "that this project was fuelling much more than my creativity as it began to take on a new life. These songs, reimagined, remind me of how mysterious creativity can be. I had no idea what I was doing back in 2011, and I think that’s how the magic of these songs happened. I feel grateful I was able to meet them again as these years later, providing a useful goalpost for our band to work toward during an uncertain and strange time."

You can see the new artwork for The Return Of Interia 2.0 below.

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Outrun The Sunlight

(Image credit: Press)

Outrun The Sunlight: The Return Of Interia 2.0
1. Being : Begin 2.0
2. The Peter Pan Complex 2.0
3. Ambivalence 2.0
4. Psychic Cycles 2.0
5. Apeirophobia 2.0
6. Archetype 2.0
7. Quark 2.0
8. Telencephalon 2.0
9. Diencephalon 2.0
10. Phyllotaxis 2.0
11. Toska 2.0

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