Osbournes battle bear cruelty


Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne have joined forces with an animal charity to raise awareness about the plight of moon bears in Asia.

They’re backing the Let A Bear Sh!t In The Woods campaign, set up by Animals Asia to highlight the cruel way the creatures are farmed.

Bears are prized for their bile, used in Eastern medicine to treat fevers and hangovers. They spend their lives locked in small cages having the bile extracted vie painful tubes in their gall bladders.

Also lending their name to the campaign are Anthony Kiedis, Duff McKagan and comedian Matt Lucas. Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman Kiedis appears in the campaign’s first video, below.

Director Shaina Danziger reveals she took inspiration from This Is Spinal Tap as she wanted to avoid showing distressing footage of the bears in captivity.

She tells the New York Daily News: “I didn’t want to do anything even remotely similar to a normal public service announcement. When you see those you change channel because it’s really heart-wrenching and you don’t want to see that.”

For more information visit www.animalsasia.org.