Obsidian Kingdom stream Darkness


Obsidian Kingdom have released a stream of their track Darkness.

It features on the band’s latest album entitled A Year With No Summer, out on March 11.

The band say of the record: “Is the apocalypse necessarily a bad thing? The structures of our youth are disintegrating, and the truths we took for granted have been left to decay.

“In the light of the imminent collapse, why not celebrate change with a thunderous explosion? Isn’t the end of all things the most beautiful sight to behold? This one could be A Year With No Summer.”

Obsidian Kingdom previously issued album tracks Black Swan and Away/Absent. A Year With No Summer is available for pre-order.

Obsidian Kingdom A Year With No Summer tracklist

  1. A Year With No Summer
  2. April 10th
  3. Darkness
  4. The Kandinsky Group
  5. The Polyarnik
  6. Black Swan
  7. Away Absent

Obsidian Kingdom 2016 tour dates

Apr 09: Madrid Teatro Barcelo, Spain
Apr 16: Barcelona Sala Apolo, Spain
Jul 01: Barcelona Sala Apolo, Spain