Nigel Planer's Rainsmoke issue debut single


Nigel Planer’s Rainsmoke have made their debut single available to stream and download.

The project is described as ‘prog folk’ by guitarist Chris Wade, who also works with Dodson and Fogg and runs Wisdom Twins Records. Planer wrote the lyrics and sings on the track Mean Meanwhile, which available via Bandcamp for £1.

The trio is completed by multi-instrumentalist Roger Planer, Nigel’s brother.

Nigel Planer played the role of Neil in cult BBC comedy The Young Ones.

Rainsmoke say: “These songs were born between the pavement and the moss, the moment after the rain has fallen before the embers of the bonfire died.

“These songs were born in a time before the tiresome keening of the techno touts, the feeble friending and the fevered twitching. A time when turntables mattered and music held its space inside the silence.”