Motorhead game will be 'loudest in the world'

Motorhead are joining the Victor Vran video game franchise with the release of their own expansion pack.

Due later this year via Haemimont Games, Motorhead: Through The Ages will feature an entirely new storyline, new enemies, weapons and skills built around the band’s themes.

Vran takes on religious fanatics, corrupt politicians and power-hungry oppressive rulers with the help of newly-designed Motor-Weapons, Motor-Powers and Motor-Skills.

Lemmy and co say: “This is an official expansion game for Vran, and will see all manner of devastated landscapes, dystopian urban environments and other elements all influenced by Motorhead’s history and lyrics.”

The game will be available on PC Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, with additional platforms to be announced.

Motorhead will release 22nd album Bad Magic on August 28 via UDR Music. Lemmy was this week revealed as cast member of what’s to be “the loudest silent movie on Earth.” The band return to London on January 29 for a 40th anniversary show, with tickets on sale now. (opens in new tab)