No more Motley music says Sixx


Nikki Sixx can’t see the point in Motley Crue writing new material after their touring career comes to an end in December.

The band signed a contract in 2014 committing them to suing each other if they ever tried to stage a reunion once their farewell shows were done.

Singer Vince Neil said soon afterwards that, although there would be no more tours, “we’re still going to be making music.” But while the idea of an album to tie in with the shows was discussed, the only track to materialise was the single All Bad Things.

Sixx tells 97.1 The Eagle Rocks: “The door’s not shut – but my belief is you make music to tour.

“Nowadays music is not the sole purpose any more, even thought we all love music. Music is a way to get people to come see the band to play music for them. It isn’t like what it used to be. You put a record out so you can tour.”

Instead, he says, Crue will remain a “brotherhood” and they’ll aim to keep their catalogue alive. “We’re going to call each other and say things like, ‘This movie’s coming up – we can put one of our songs in it.’

“But I don’t see a purpose to go in the studio and write songs.”

Sixx intends to concentrate on his other band Sixx:AM, with a double-album and two-year tour in the works. Crue are currently touring the UK and Europe, with a final run of US shows ending in Los Angeles on December 31.