Metal Hammer: Roadkill is go


The day is finally here, TeamRock have released their very first mobile game – Metal Hammer: Roadkill.

In this rhythm/action game, you bludgeon your enemies to a bloody death using a giant metal hammer – all to the sounds of HEAVY FUCKING METAL. The initial soundtrack features loads of artists from Nuclear Blast including Sabaton, Epica, Exodus and Suicide Silence. But there is soooo much more than where that came from.

Metal Hammer: Roadkill is free to download on your iOS and Android device, so it’s really easy to go and thwart your cuddly red and black enemies in a heavy metal showdown. There are loads of power-ups too including an iron maiden to slaughter the fuzzy gits. Let them eat metal!

Download Metal Hammer: Roadkill for iOS.
Download Metal Hammer: Roadkill for Android.