Order your limited edition Creeper bundle – featuring a signed art print and a temporary tattoo sheet

Creeper bundle
(Image credit: Future (Photos: Steve Bright))

Following the release of Creeper’s brilliantly ambitious new album, the vampire rock opera Sanguivore, we’ve teamed up with the band for this very special bundle you won’t find anywhere else.

Alongside the new issue of Metal Hammer magazine, which will include an exclusive Creeper cover that you can’t get in shops, the bundle comes with a hand-signed print featuring the album artwork – plus a sheet of four exclusive temporary tattoos.

There are only 300 bundles worldwide, and you can only order them via Metal Hammer – so get yours now!

Order your Creeper bundle here and have it delivered straight to your door.

Inside the issue itself, we speak to Creeper about the making of Sanguivore – a decadent rock opera inspired by Jim Steinman, The Sisters Of Mercy, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Glenn Danzig, Billy Idol, The Lost Boys and more.

“I love the idea of building a world around your music, making it more than just someone standing on a stage,” says frontman Will Gould. “That’s what’s exciting to me. If you’re unsatisfied with reality, build your own.”

Sanguivore was given a gleaming 9/10 review by Metal Hammer's Merlin Alderslade, who wrote: "Creeper have learned to fully lean into the camp and fantastical nature of what they do without compromising the raw power of the music itself. It's everything all great, showy rock 'n' roll should be. They may have arrived nine years ago, but with Sanguivore, Creeper have officially reached peak form."

Also in the magazine, there are brand new interviews with the likes of Ghost, Twin Temple, Trivium, Sabaton, Dave Lombardo, While She Sleeps, The Used, and Better Lovers.

Creeper bundle

(Image credit: Future (Photos: Steve Bright))
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