Matt Bellamy says Muse's upcoming album is “a greatest hits album – of new songs”

(Image credit: Suhaimi Abdullah/Getty Images)

Muse frontman Matt Bellamy has lifted the lid on what fans can expect from their forthcoming album, Will Of The People.

Scheduled to arrive on August 26 via Warner Records, the Devonian alt rock trio's ninth studio album will reportedly be "a greatest hits album – of new songs”.

In conversation with The Big Issue, Bellamy explains how the forthcoming record was conceived in response to their label's request for a 'best of' compilation. Instead of pushing out an album of their greatest hits, Muse thought they'd create new material inspired by the best parts of their old work instead.

“We were reaching that point where there was talk about maybe doing a greatest hits album, and we weren’t really in favour of doing that,” the frontman says. “So it’s almost like we’ve made a record that is a greatest hits album – of new songs. 

“That means this album might have a metal track on it – and it’s like, the best metal track we’ve ever done. Or there’s a sort of soft ballad, love song and it’s probably the best ballad love song we’ve ever done, and so on.

 “It’s a montage of the best of Muse. It’s a new take on all of those types of genres that we’ve touched on in the past.”

So far, Muse have released two new songs from Will Of The People, including the metal-infused Won't Stand Down and Compliance. 

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