Maschine/Leprous/ Haken Tour Diary


Never having played outside of London when touring in the UK, finally we can head out on Leprous' first tour of the British islands.

Next stop: Leamington Spa. We’ve all been looking very much forward to the relaxing hot springs, saunas and deep tissue massages, but realize soon that a spa in England is somewhat different than a spa in Norway…/o:p

After a few minutes of being disappointed, I find myself wandering in a spectacular venue with a backstage suitable for royalty, or at least Dolly Parton, and thinking of the rather tight squeeze in yesterday’s location this is highly appreciated. As words won’t justify describing how it looks like, here’s a fresh band picture:/o:p

Being that we are three prog bands sharing the stage at this tour, there’s no way around having to deal with three stubborn drummers that must have their custom set up, and this of course takes time. In spite of this, we managed to do things pretty smoothly and the shows all went really well. After our show we went around the corner to eat some indian food, something I regretted a bit while burning up my intestines during the load out and following night. Tomorrow we’re spending our day off in Birmingham, and we all look very much forward to continuing the tour in Bristol on Sunday./o:p

Peace out!/o:p

TorO, Leprous/o:p