Marillion movie maker seeks fan support


The director of a movie about Marillion and their fans has launched a crowdfunding campaign to help pay for its release.

Lifelong fan Jeff Denis, who’s made a dozen music videos as a cinematographer, explores what the band’s work means to the fans, how they express their passion to fellow followers, and how the musicians interact with the extended family of supporters.

He recently completed filming his documentary – but says there’s much more work to be done.

Describing Marillion And Fans: The Movie as a labour of love, Denis says: “Thanks to the band’s willingness to answer my questions, the management’s decision to cope with me, the specialists’ interest in analysing the phenomenon for the sake of history, and the fans’ generosity in opening their hearts to tell their touching stories, I have gathered a whole lot of fabulous material. Enough to make what I humbly think will be an amazing movie.

“I now face the editing – a long process, especially given the amount of footage, which I’ll undertake with a professional editor and long-time friend of mine.

“Then there’s the music licensing process, for which discussions have been opened. Otherwise, the money will go to colouring and sound-mixing the film, and administrating the launching and printing.”

Denis hopes to deliver the finished work in April next year. His Kickstarter campaign has just opened with 29 days to reach his $50,000 target. No money will be taken from pledgers if the total is not achieved.

Marillion will headline the TeamRock’s inaugural Ramblin’ Man Festival in Kent in July.