Maiden ‘earliest’ recording streams


A recording thought to be Iron Maiden’s earliest ever has been streamed online.

The music-free 29-second clip, taped in 1977, features then-frontman Dennis Willcock introducing the band.

He says: “We’re called Iron Maiden. We’re all about a sound that’s called metal, if you know what that’s all about. Scrap metal, yeah.

“We don’t have enough room to move about here, by the looks of it, so someone’s going to go arse over tit, I should imagine. Here we go.”

Willcock was Maiden’s second singer, after Paul Day co-founded the band in 1976. He was replaced by Paul Di’Anno in 1978. Willcock will play his first show in 30 years with his band GV1 at London’s Bar 12 on June 13.

Maiden put plans to launch their 16th album on hold earlier this year after current vocalist Bruce Dickinson was diagnosed with cancer. He received the all-clear last month.