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Lost George Harrison tracks on Gary Wright album

Gary Wright and George Harrison in 1971
Wright and Harrison in 1971 (Image credit: Getty)

Lost guitar tracks recorded by late Beatle George Harrison in 1972 will be released next month.

He contributed to Spooky Tooth frontman Gary Wright’s Wonderwheel album Ring Of Changes – but the album was abandoned, with only the single I Know being heard.

Harrison is heard on Goodbye Sunday and several other tracks when Ring Of Changes is launched via Esoteric Recordings on July 29.

The label say: “Following his departure from Spooky Tooth after the Ceremony album, Wright participated in sessions for Harrison’s All Things Must Pass, and enjoyed a solo career that culminated in him forming the band Wonderwheel.

“Originally featuring Mick Jones, Bryson Graham and Archie Leggett, the group participated on his second solo album Footprint. In 1972 they recorded Ring Of Changes, with Tom Duffey replacing Leggett on bass.

“The album was a fine effort, and arguably featured some of the finest material written and recorded by Wright to that date. For reasons unclear, the release was shelved, leading Wright to participate in the recording of Harrison’s Living In The Material World, and to reform Spooky Tooth soon after.”

The 12-track title has been remastered by Wright from the original tapes. It’s available for pre-order now. Harrison died in 2001.

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Gary Wright’s Wonderwheel: Ring Of Changes tracklist

  1. Lovetaker
  2. Wild Bird
  3. Something For Us All
  4. Set On You
  5. Ring Of Changes
  6. Goodbye Sunday
  7. For A Woman
  8. Workin’ On A River
  9. Creation
  10. I Know
  11. What Can We Do
  12. Somebody

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