Listen to Toundra's new single, El Odio, Parte II

Toundra group shot 2021
(Image credit: Daniel Cruz)

Toundra have released the second part of their 22-minute-long piece El Odio. It's the first track on the new album Hex, which is out on January 14 via InsideOut.

El Odio – which translates as 'hatred' – was conceived, written and produced as a single song, which was then divided into three parts on the album. It represents the band’s various musical influences: post-rock, psychedelia, crust, progressive rock, celtic folk and stoner. The first part of the track was released in October.

The band comments: “There’s Tool, there’s The Who, The Mars Volta and John Lennon. We’ve been inspired in so many ways by so many artists: from Fugazi to Scott Walter, from Paco de Lucía to Schostakovich and Fucked Up.” 

Says guitarist Esteban Girón on the song title: "Since birth, human beings are struck by innumerable impulses that lead them to hate instead of love. Hate is not in the nature of any animal, not even in the nature of a human being. Life in this world of screens, numbers, and false justifications of mathematics, theories even more perverse than social Darwinism, denature the human being and lead them to hate whoever is next to them. I have never seen an animal hate and I have grown up among them." 

Toudra – Hex tracklisting:

1. El Odio, Parte I (8:07)
2. El Odio, Parte II (6:44)
3. El Odio, Parte III (6:53)
4. Ruinas (5:01)
5. La Larga Marcha (5:50)
6. Watt (7:50)
7. FIN (4:57)