Listen to new Amplifier track Rainbow Machine


Amplifier have released a stream of their new track Rainbow Machine.

It’s the first song on the band’s upcoming album Trippin’ With Dr Faustus, which is out on June 30.

Vocalist and guitarist Sel Balamir says of the track: “Rainbow Machine is a feel-good journey, full of hope and sunny innocence.

“We should remember where we came from and where we were hoping to go. We distilled that vibe into this song.”

Amplifier previously released a lyric video for Kosmos, featuring rockets, robots, mysterious aliens and psychedelic explosions.

Speaking previously about the follow-up to 2014’s Mystoria, the band said: “We spent a long time making this record, principally because it was recorded on a tape machine that we basically had to rebuild from scraps from the dumpster around the back of the mill and whatever bits of debris we could fish out of the Ashton Canal.

“We think you can hear the difference very clearly between what it sounds like to record on tape and what it sounds like to record on the computer – which all our other records were.

“The song Silvio was recorded on computer so you can compare what that sounds like to the rest of the album.”

Trippin’ With Dr Faustus is available for pre-order from the band’s official store and includes t-shirt packs, special editions and a double clear vinyl pressing.

Amplifier Trippin’ With Dr Faustus tracklist

  1. Rainbow Machine
  2. Freakzone
  3. Kosmos (Grooves Of Triumph)
  4. The Commotion (Big Time Party Maker)
  5. Big Daddy
  6. Horse
  7. Anubis
  8. Supernova
  9. Silvio
  10. Old Blue Eyes