Listen to Attention the new art pop single from Hannah & The Moulettes

Moulettes group shot against pop art background
(Image credit: Moulettes)

Hannah Moule and The Moulettes have previewed the latest track from their upcoming fifth studio album, which is their most ambitious project to date. Xenolalia, is a collection of 55 pieces of music: 11 songs about communication, which are to be released as EPs throughout the year. Each EP contains a song performed in five different styles: electric, strings, a cappella, horns and electronica. The first EP, Xenolalia, was released in June.

Attention Pt1 (Electric) is the title song from the second EP, which is due out on August 28. Says cellist and songwriter Hannah Moule, “This song started tongue in cheek, just a reminder to extricate ourselves from the digital dimension for some analogue human love time. 

"I had read this quote which struck a chord with me, ‘Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity’ which I later found was attributed to Simone Weil, the radical French philosopher, activist and mystic. She’s written a whole treatise on the idea of attention, truth, grace and metamorphosis and I delved a bit more into some of these ideas on the other EP tracks.”

Since their formation at Glastonbury Festival 2002, the ever-evolving collective Moulettes have forged an uncommon course. Over the years, The Moulettes have become an extended family tree with tentacles in London, Manchester, Brighton, Bristol, Berlin, Montreal and beyond. They hope to return to touring in March 2021.