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Lindemann project to be revisited on Rammstein break


Lindemann plan further activity, according to Hypocrisy and Pain man Peter Tagtgren.

The multi-instrumentalist says he wants to hit the road with Rammstein’s Till Lindemann in support of their project’s 2015 debut album Skills In Pills – but they need to wait until the frontman has fulfilled touring and recording duties.

When asked if they’ll take the album on the road, he tells Metal Wani: “We think so. We need to respect when Rammstein is back working, and we have to wait for the next break, I think, if we can do something. We have ideas for a lot of songs laying around.”

Tagtgren also says he’s put Hypocrisy on the back-burner while he focuses on the release of Pain’s forthcoming album Coming Home on September 9.

He adds: “There will definitely be an album, but I don’t know exactly when. We have to come up with some material and listen to it and make choices about how we’re going to do things. But I’m sure it’s going to be pretty brutal like the last one.

“I’m still so much up in this Pain thing right now, so as soon as the album is out I’m gonna cool down a little bit have some time to sit and think about what i’d like to do. I’ll have a lot of free time to sit and think and plan.”

Meanwhile, Rammstein have launched their own tequila. They’re set to appear at Sao Paulo’s Maximus Festival on September 7 and Buenos Aires’ Ciudad Del Rock festival in Argentina on September 10.

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