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Pain - Coming Home album review

Peter Tägtgren’s industrial metal project comes back online

Pain - Coming Home album art

It’s been five years since Pain’s last studio album, not that Peter Tägtgren’s been laying low in the meantime. He’s been touring, producing albums for the likes of Amorphis, Children Of Bodom and Sabaton, and making musical nookie with Rammstein’s Till Lindemann on the boisterous Skills In Pills. Now the Swedish musician-turned-producer has fond the time to ‘come home’ to his industrial metal solo project, which picks up from where You Only Live Twice left off.

Peter has a knack of combining the seemingly incompatible styles and making it work; opener Designed To Piss You Off revisits the country-on-Ketamine vibe of Have A Drink On Me from 2008’s Cynic Paradise and on Absinthe-Phoenix Rising, he takes a trip into the world of psychedelia. Call Me and Starseed both dabble with symphonic orchestration and there’s even a little nepotism with his 17-year-old son Sebastian guesting on drums. Coming Home may not be a groundbreaking release but it is a quality industrial metal one.