Kyros team up with Haken and John Mitchell for isolation covers gig

Kyros standing in front of a wall
(Image credit: Kyros)

Kyros will be performing a very special online gig with guests John Mitchell (Lonely Robot/Frost*), Haken’s Ray Hearne, and Andy Robison of IHLO on August 14. The ‘covers night’ show is part of their ongoing virtual tour and coincides with the CD release of new album Celexa Dreams.

The band have lined up a programme of covers from Haken, Frost*, Imogen Heap, Genesis and Rush. Says Kyros drummer Robin Johnson, “Some of these songs are quite within our comfort zone, as in they already sound a bit like the kind of material we might write...others are more unexpected choices. We had a blast bouncing ideas around when we were putting this set together and I hope through this we’re able to connect with people who might not have heard us before!”

Adds singer Adam Warne, “We knew we wanted to get guests involved as it’s a perfect excuse to get some of our friends in the show. John [Mitchell] has a very distinct voice that I feel is one of the defining features of the song we chose. Ray [Hearne] has a completely different approach to drumming compared to Robin, so we really wanted to have him and Robin bounce off each other for our version of a Haken track that was always intended to be a ‘what if Kyros had written this instead’ kinda deal. 

"When it came to getting Andy [Robison] onboard, I’ve known for the longest time that I’ve wanted to work more with him and get him involved in more projects and this seemed like the right opportunity. One of the tracks involves a chorus that is simply out of my belting chest range, yet it really calls for that kind of full-power belting compared to falsetto. Andy was who we needed, and ohhh he delivered.”

The band will return with a final isolation gig on September 18 and will release Celexa Dreams on vinyl on October 9. 

To watch Kyros’ covers special, tune into their Facebook page at 8pm UK time. Meanwhile, check out Kyros lockdown cover of Cardiacs' Dive.