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King 810 to 'break down wall' with fans using performance art

King 810
King 810

King 810 aim to ‘break down that wall’ between themselves and the crowd in their forthcoming performance art shows, David Gunn says.

The frontman announced last month that the band were planning a run of avant-garde gigs in support of their latest album La Petite Mort Or A Conversation With God. They’ve recruited performance artists, and will use visuals and quadrophonic sound for an immersive storytelling experience.

He tells Metal Injection: “The quadrophonic sound is not something new but I feel like it’s something under appreciated. For example, Pink Floyd played with this idea, to have sound surrounding the audience. Behind them, in front of them, above them. This way the individual is more immersed in the experience sonically before all the theatrics even come into play.

“We will be incorporating several performance artists in the upcoming shows, where we will be conveying these stories within the music visually, via each performance artist’s own unique medium. There will be a lot of theatrics involved in an effort to break down that wall.

“As far as the shows go visually, it will not have the traditional feel and style of a show where the band runs through a bunch of songs on stage and the crowd stands on the floor moving if they choose to or staying still if they don’t.”

Gunn adds: “Perhaps this will get the fuckers to stay off their bullshit phones and things like that in this kind of atmosphere, but as with most things, I find myself wishfully thinking.”

Watch King 810’s trailer for the tour below.

King 810 tour dates

Dec 15: Cleveland Agora Theatre, OH
Dec 16: Valparaiso Big Shots, IN
Dec 17: Detroit St Andrews Hall, MI
Dec 18: Chicago Thalia Hall, IL

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