King 810’s David Gunn: I’ve been shot twice… I’m keeping the guns

KIng 810

David Gunn of King 810 has followed up his strongly-worded firearms statement with an even stronger line.

He’s slammed those who’ve criticised his previous comments by stating that he’s been shot twice – and that’s why he’ll keep carrying weapons.

Gunn said earlier this week that he wasn’t sorry for King 810’s aggressive stance on guns in the aftermath of having a concert cancelled. And he stated that if any terrorists invaded one of his concerts they’d “probably be shot from the stage.”

In response to reaction to that message, he’s now said: “It’s not about a band or a show or a city or a cancellation. It’s about lying down or not.

“Sooner or later we will wake up to an unrecognisable set of bullshit we have to live by and we will have no idea how we got here. History is full of examples of this ‘progressive’ way of thinking. None have worked. All have ended in mass conflict or death.”

He continues: “You cannot, in a vacuum, parrot off ignorant ideas like taking guns away, or college safe zones, or gender pronouns, and call it progress. You must treat the cause not the symptom.

“When it is perfectly fine to use racial discrimination against somebody yet it is legally mandated that teachers acknowledge students as non-gender specific animals certain days of the week, a certain outcome is created.”

He insists “change is not progress” and adds: “So keep ‘championing’ from your middle class, white suburban house with the big screen and the internet and the Starbucks.”

And he finishes: “I’ve been shot twice in the neighbourhood I live in. I’ll keep the guns just in case.”

King 810 play three shows later this month in support of second album La Petite Mort Or A Conversation With God.

King 810 tour dates

Dec 15: Cleveland Agora Theatre, OH
Dec 16: Valparaiso Big Shots, IN
Dec 17: Detroit St Andrews Hall, MI

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