“I think fire goes hand-in-hand with the devil, and I’m no stranger to talking about the devil...” Slayer guitarist Kerry King releases new single Residue and incredibly fiery music video

Kerry King’s solo band in 2024
(Image credit: Jim Louvau)

Slayer guitarist Kerry King has released his second solo single, Residue, and his first music video.

The song follows Idle Hands, which came out in February, and is taken from King’s upcoming album From Hell I Rise, out May 17 via Reigning Phoenix Music.

King has released a statement explaining the Residue video, which is packed with pyro, burning pentagrams and other fiery images.

“I come from a big fire pedigree and my music works with fire,” he says.

“I’ve always written horror-type music, so it made sense to incorporate fire into the first video where you get to see the entire band, which I think is just awesome.

“I think fire goes hand-in-hand with the devil, and I’m no stranger to talking about the devil...”

Jim Louvau, who directed the Residue clip along with Tony Aguilera, comments: “I knew this would be the first time that the world was going to see the band performing together, so I wanted to create a fast moving visual assault.”

He continues: “Pyrotechnics and Kerry King clearly go hand in hand and seemed to fit like a glove, so Tony and I wanted to create something that felt familiar, but also something new and exciting.

“I also knew I could get away with certain visuals like a burning pentagram, because it’s important to keep pissing parents off and keeping the spirit of metal alive.”

King’s solo band is rounded out by vocalist Mark Oseguada (Death Angel), drummer Paul Bostaph (Slayer), bassist Kyle Sanders (Hellyeah) and co-guitarist Phil Demmel (ex-Machine Head).

The project will tour extensively in 2024. Details are available and tickets can be bought via King’s website.

As well as announcing his long-anticipated solo project, King recently reactivated Slayer to play some 2024 US festival shows.

The California thrashers – composed of King, Bostaph, Tom Araya (vocals/bass) and Gary Holt (guitars) – disbanded in 2019, following a worldwide farewell tour.

Araya’s wife, Sandra, said via social media that she “harassed” her husband for more than a year to reunite the band.

The dates of and tickets for Slayer’s comeback shows are now available.

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