Jasmeno streams brand new single Alchemy

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Polish synth progger Jasmeno has streamed his brand new single Alchemy. It's taken from his upcoming new EP, Elixir, which will be released on June 24.

As well as the six new tracks, Elixir will also feature four bonus remixed tracks from Jasmeno’s self-titled debut album which contain newly composed bass lines by Kacper Wołk and the previously unreleased solo guitar by the Australian Lecia Louise and as well as the new drums.

"Elixir is a sort of double mini album including six new songs and four bonus tracks which were remixed in one release," he explains. "The basic content of the new EP is something different from debut album. This time it might be considered a concept album. The lyrical ideas gather deep thoughts about life and death taken from self experienced and mixed with various open minded philosophers."

This year’s release delves into difficult aspects of human existence with its lyrics based in poems by Tadeusz Miciński and Jan Andrzej Morsztyn. Sayings from the remarkable contemporary minds like the British philosopher Alan Watts or the theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking make up an additional lyrical layer.

"My son was very sick recently and while I was struggling with Covid," he continues. "Luckily everything goes well these days so the Elixir title is not accidental in that context. That is gonna be important thing in my life. When it comes to music, I composed more simple songs in a more pop genre. I was always influenced by Mike Oldfield, Robert Miles and Schiller. So it is natural to find some tribute to their stunning music in Elixir. That is not direction which will be carried on the second full length. It is rather step aside from the path started on the debut album."

Elixir features guest appearances from vocalist Karolina Andrzejewska (vocal) , guitarist Marek Depa and the Radio Gdansk presenter Beata Szewczyk in a spoken word role.

You can read more about Jasmeno in the current issue of Prog Magazine which you can buy online here.

Elixir will be released on CD (limited to 100 copies), 12 inch gatefold vinyl (hand numbered limited to 100 copies) and as a digital download.

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(Image credit: Jasmeno)

Jasmeno - Elixir
1. Alchemy
2. Sonet
3. Indefinite Antecedents
4. Nokturn
5. Amber Skyline
6. Elixir
7. Plankton 2021
8. . Nothing But Illusion 2021
9. Sunk In Emotion 2021
10. Temptation In Vain 2021

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