Jack White admits touring doubts


Jack White has admitted he may never tour again – or if he does, he’ll do it solo.

His doubts are based on the way the touring environment works, along with financial concerns. His latest comments come after he announced he’d be taking a “break from performing for a long period of time.”

In an online Q&A session full of deadpans and one-liners, White says: “I’d say half the shows I play I’d rather not play. Festivals for example. But I have to make the best of it and try to get inspired.

“It’s hard when the people who organise festivals basically control my life. I have to book shows around their offer that I can’t refuse.”

He adds: “It’s very expensive to tour – people think that’s how musicians make their money these days, but it’s hard to go on the road no matter what size you are”

And he continues: “Only seated theatres for acoustic shows for the rest of my days.”

Elsewhere in the conversation, White tackles the image of himself as a technophobe, or someone who’d prefer to live in the past. He says: “If I don’t have a cellphone, it’s not to be cool or make a point. I just think people look ridiculous holding them and staring at them all day.

“If I had one, that’s what I’d be doing as well. It would rob me of a lot of inspiration. I’m not telling you not to have one – I’m just telling you why I don’t.

“It’s funnier for them to box me into that technology-hating wax cylinder guy. It would be easier for me to like what everyone else does and not get hassled, but I try to find something inspiring in whatever I have my hands on

“It’s usually mixing the newest with what is soulful from the past I think.”

At his last show before performing his disappearing act, White said: “If you feel strongly about music and you love music, tell people that. Tell people that music is sacred.”

Jack White’s parting message: ‘Music is sacred’