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IZZ stream track from Everlasting Instant

New York prog ensemble IZZ have launched a stream of their track Can’t Feel The Earth, Part IV from upcoming album Everlasting Instant.

The follow-up to 2012’s Crush Of Night completes a trilogy concept begun with 2009’s The Darkened Room when it’s released on April 7.

Mastermind Tom Galgano is joined on the album by vocalists Anmarie Byrnes and Laura Meade, guitarist Paul Bremner, bassist John Galgano and drummers Brian Coralian and Greg DiMiceli.

Galgano recently said: “Many of the melodies, rhythms and lyrics in Everlasting Instant began as seeds on the two previous albums, and they’ve come to fruition on this release.

“Listeners will recognise the subtle variations on prior themes, and they’ll also be presented with an exciting collection of new musical ideas.”

Everlasting Instant tracklist

  1. Own the Mystery

  2. Every Minute

  3. Start Again

  4. If It’s True

  5. The Three Seers

  6. The Everlasting Instant

  7. Keep Away

  8. Can’t Feel the Earth, Part IV

  9. Illuminata

  10. Sincerest Life

  11. Like a Straight Line

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