"I've felt very loved and cared about." Marillion's Pete Trewavas updates fans after recent heart surgery

Pete Trewavas
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Marillion bassist Pete Trewavas has updated fans on his recent heart surgery, telling fans "I’ve felt very loved and cared about."

Earlier this month Marillion announced that Nick Beggs would fill in for Trewavas on next month's seaborne Cruise To The Edge festival, following the latter's recent triple coronary bypass graft at Harefield Hospital in Middlesex.

Trewavas has now released a statement on Marillion's Facebook page.

"Pete here, now that I’ve been home from hospital a few days, I thought I’d let you know how I’m doing and what it is I’m recovering from.

"So, I had a triple coronary bypass graft. Commonly known as a CABG and pronounced like the vegetable! This was done at Harefield Hospital and although invasive it is a very routine procedure for them and recovery time is usually four or five days before being discharged.

"As I had a couple of issues I spent five days in hospital and am now at home on the way to full recovery, which I expect to achieve over the next few weeks to few months. Four weeks after surgery I should be able to start getting my fitness and stamina back, starting slowly.

"At six weeks I can drive and at that point I shall start a phased return back to the studio. As we are writing and recording this year I have a nice environment to get back to it all.

"The people at Harefield were amazing and I had the best care possible. Yes, it’s been tough and I had good and bad days, along with Fiona who has probably suffered more than I have. I didn’t expect to need the surgery if I’m honest, I thought the angiogram would show I needed more stents.

"However I never doubted the surgery or the team and was completely confident in their abilities all the way through. It is of course incredibly painful for quite a few days after, but now at home with a good balance of pain relief to aid me I am doing great considering.

"I can’t thank you enough for all the love, warmth, positivity and genuine concern you’ve all shown me in the messages that both Fiona and I have received. It has been incredible and I’ve felt very loved and cared about. It’s as if you all joined together to create this great big virtual blanket to wrap around my shoulders and give me a hug, much needed at times."

Following their seabound jaunt Marillion are expected to spend the bulk of 2024 working on a follow-up to 2022's An Hour Before It's Dark. They are also expected to start reissuing their post-EMI catalogue later in the year.

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