Iron Maiden beer video released


A video has been released showing the process behind Iron Maiden’s beer being canned for the US market.

The clip – released by the official Iron Maiden beer Facebook page – shows some of the 300,000 tins of Trooper being prepared and packed to be shipped to America, where it’ll be sold in 500ml ‘tall boy’ cans from this month.

Created by the band and Manchester-based Robinsons Brewery, Trooper has been a hit since it launched in 2013. In the UK, it’s only sold in bottles and on draught.

In December, Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson told the Manchester Evening News: “Firstly, cans are easier to recycle, require less packaging, get colder quicker and take up less space in your fridge.

“Secondly, cans don’t break or smash, meaning they can be taken to venues, sporting events, campgrounds, beaches, and music festivals, where glass is not typically allowed.

“Thirdly, aluminium cans are excellent protection against light and oxygen – beer’s biggest enemies, so your drink tastes fresher longer.

“Done right, they’re great for our beer.”