IO Earth in promo for Insomnia


IO Earth have released a video for their track Insomnia.

It follows the promo for the title track from current album New World.

Mainmain Dave Cureton says the concept for the Insomnia video came from an idea hatched by manager Wendy Vissers-Hagenbeek, who also directed the clip, which focuses on a grieving father’s struggle to get over the loss of his daughter.

He adds: “It’s about having the courage and the strength to move on in life after tragedy strikes and you feel like your life is on hold. Keep moving on will find you inner peace.”

Vissers-Hagenbeek adds: “It came to me completely out of the blue and I instantly knew it would turn out great. I called Dave in the middle of the night and rein-acted the entire concept. Luckily he was just as excited as I was about the story and we rolled with it.”

Double album New World was released earlier this year.