In This Moment to launch “stripped down” album this summer

In This Moment
In This Moment

In This Moment have finished recording what will be their sixth album, it’s been confirmed.

The follow-up to 2014’s Black Widow was recorded at The Hideout Recording Studio in Las Vegas, Nevada, with producer Kevin Churko.

And guitarist Chris Howorth says they’ve experimented with their sound on the album, which is planned to launch later this year via Atlantic.

He tells Razor 94.7 (via Blabbermouth): “There’s going to be a single released probably around the 21st of this month – but we have a whole new album ready to go.

“It’s going to be out over the summer. It’s different and cool and I think it’s a different step for us but I think our fans are really going to like.”

As for the musical direction of the record, Howorth adds: “Stylistically, I think we went a little bit more raw – not so much campiness like Sex Metal Barbie. Not that there was anything wrong with that – we’re always trying to experiment and do something different, but it’s more serious and a little more stripped down.

“There’s still electronics and it’s still In This Moment, but it’s a little more stripped down – and maybe swampy and bluesy a little bit, but still metal.”

Last year, Howorth revealed how his battle to control the pain of undiagnosed arthritis led to a six-year addiction to opiates.

He added: “I’m in a good spot right now, but I’m never going to be able to do what I did before, whipping the dreads and cranking my neck. I have to relearn how to perform on stage.”

Further album details will be revealed in due course.

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